Salamar Apartments

The Salamar tourist rental apartments have a privileged location. They are in front of the biggest beach in Lloret de Mar. With 1.5 km of white sands, Lloret beach always has crystal clear waters. The Lloret de Mar beach offers visitors a wide range of leisure, entertainment and sports options.

Lloret beach

On the beach, you can enjoy the sun and sea in comfort. Parasols and sun loungers can be rented, it has accesses adapted for people with reduced mobility, showers and toilets, lifeguards, etc. There is also a great variety of leisure activities to choose from, such as boat or catamaran trips, water-skiing, parasailing, ski-bob, skates, kayak, jet skis and sports areas for adults and children with monitors.

Crystal clear waters

Lloret de Mar is in a gentle valley between two mountains that protect the beach from the wind. To the north of the Lloret de Mar beach one can see the old castle, and to the south the “Fisherman’s Wife” monument. Lloret de Mar is surrounded by forests inland and marvellous coves or small beaches on the Costa Brava.

The Costa Brava

Lloret de Mar is one of the best known and most admired leisure and tourism towns on the Costa Brava thanks to its famous beaches and nature and its great variety of leisure, culture and restaurant options. The Costa Brava, the home of Lloret de Mar, is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world due to its natural beauty and spectacular sea beds.

Apartamentos de alquiler vacacional frente a la playa de Lloret de Mar

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Numerous activities and visits can be planned from the Salamar tourist rental apartments. Some of the activities of interest are, for example, visiting the Santa Clotilde Gardens found in an area of great beauty, on a cliff with impressive sea views. The Santa Clotilde Gardens were designed in the 18th century, in the style of the ancient gardens of the Italian Renaissance.


Another interesting activity is a visit to some of the old stately homes in Lloret de Mar, such as, for example, Can Comadran, built in 1877, a typical 19th century stately home, with top quality modernist elements. Lloret de Mar has other buildings of interest like Can Comadran, such as the St. Romà church, the Town Hall or the old town centre, which still feels like a fishing village.

Trails and walks

Perhaps the best way to enjoy the surroundings of Lloret de Mar is to follow the ancient trails around the beaches. These walking trails can be accessed from the Salamar tourist rental apartments. These trails, called “coastal paths” form some of the beautiful routes along the Costa Brava. The route goes along the Lloret de Mar coast allowing ramblers to enjoy the landscape from Lloret beach to the neighbouring town of Tossa de Mar.


Lloret de Mar also has a wide range of night-time and cultural leisure options, with museums, casinos, restaurants, pubs and clubs. The Salamar rental apartments in Lloret de Mar are very close to the leisure area, where the nightlife is always animated and cosmopolitan, full of youth and a cheerful and festive ambience. Lloret de Mar is a recognised destination for young people, but also for couples and families who wish to combine nature and leisure with rest and activities.